Spring 2015 FIRST Lego League Kickoff!

Today the University of Connecticut (UConn) Chapter of ManyMentors kicked off the "'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Innovate!" program. In partnership with STARBASE Connecticut, a Department of Defense sponsored STEM program, members of ManyMentors at UConn will lead interactive, hands-on activities aimed at preparing Robert J. O’Brien Elementary School students for the Fall 2015 FIRST Lego League competition. Over 10 weeks, 4th - 5th graders will explore creative problem solving skills to develop products that address issues related to recycling and trash renewal. Using the Scientific Method as their foundation, students will investigate issues related to environmental conservation as it directly relates to them, develop solutions and present their products in a classroom competition. Julian Rose and Kiomarys Toro, UConn Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering students, respectively, are spearheading this engaging program.

We are happy to announce that United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is sponsoring this year's program! UTRC has been a sponsoring partner of ManyMentors since 2014, helping us to engage the East Hartford community and continue our program goals. In 2014, UTRC sponsored “Medicine of the Future” program at Robert J. O’Brien Elementary School, which involved 6 weeks of brainstorming and discussion sessions promoting an understanding of the Scientific Method for solving challenges in the biomedical engineering field. This year's "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Innovate!" program marks the second year of UTRC's corporate sponsorship. We are grateful for their generous support!

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