Kevin Dious

Kevin Dious is a software engineer at Qualcomm, Inc. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Management Science & Engineering with a concentration in Financial and Decision engineering from Stanford University, a Law degree with a focus on Intellectual Property Law from the University of Georgia School of Law, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Throughout his education he did not have a good mentor to help provide him with good sound academic and career advice. However he firmly believes that having access to a professional working in the field(s) in which a student is interested is invaluable. He's excited to be apart of the ManyMentors team because he believes it will provide students and young professionals with the opportunity to develop relationships, share advice and ideas, and communicate with one another irrespective of geographic and time constraints. It will revolutionize the concept of mentoring and become an invaluable tool for students and working professionals alike throughout their careers.


Kevin's role is to oversee the development, installation, and implementation of the web and mobile mentoring technologies.


"We all need someone to inspire us to do better than we know how."


- Anonymous