Jewel Sparks

Jewell Sparks is the CEO and Founder of Strategic Diversity Group Inc. (SDGI) & BiTHouse. A cellular biologist/business management professional turned inclusion hacker/serial entrepreneur, Jewell has over 20 years of expertise in sales, strategic alliances, organizational effectiveness and business development. She possesses the experience and the vision to formulate global business concepts and execute them successfully. As a global business strategist, she specializes in providing "Out of the Box" business development and market diversification solutions for startups, nonprofits and businesses in transition.  She helps others diversify their leadership teams in order to be effective in the following areas: organizational effectiveness, diversity and inclusion initiatives, strategic partnerships/alliances, social media messaging, conference development, hackathons and pitch event execution.


Jewell founded BiTHouse to help others find. align. innovate. mentor. fund and promote women and minority entrepreneurs and technologists. BiTHouse “Minimizes Barriers to Entry” by enabling entrepreneurs and technologists to collaborate, learn and share their innovative technology solutions. Focusing on the “Best in Tech” solutions created by technologists and entrepreneurs from various ethnic, gender and socio-economic backgrounds, BiTHouse identifies and shares these products and services amongst mainstream business leaders, venture capitalists and organizations.


Jewell's role is to aid in the business development of ManyMentors and help align entrepreneurs and technologists with the ManyMentors mission.

Kevin's role is to oversee the development, installation, and implementation of the web and mobile mentoring technologies.

"Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it."


- Maya Angelou