Code of Conduct

Effective July 23rd, 2014


ManyMentors is dedicated to providing our community a safe, empowering, and encouraging experience. Our basic expectations for all users are simple:


  1. Tell the truth.

  2. Be respectful and courteous.

  3. Correct any mistakes promptly.

  4. Be yourself.

  5. Respond promptly to messages, requests, and comments.

  6. Be supportive of one another.

  7. Respect everyone’s privacy, including your own.

  8. Have fun!


The ManyMentors Code of Conduct is designed to protect your online safety and privacy while making your experience on the site as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


As a ManyMentors Mentoring user, you agree:


1. You won’t share any personally identifiable information (PII). PII is kind of like TMI. The kind of PII we do not want you to share includes:


  • Your address (You can only mention your city, state and country).

  • Your phone number(s).

  • Your email address(es).

  • Your IM account names.

  • Your User Name on other sites (including but not limited to: Skype, Oovooo, etc).

  • Official numbers (such as your school ID number, Social Security, credit cards, driver’s license, etc.).


2. You will treat others with dignity. This means:


  • No profanity.

  • No discrimination or discriminatory language. (This means you behave unjustly against any other person on the site.)

  • No sexually suggestive content.

  • No sexist content.

  • To be clear, no content attacking or insulting someone’s race, gender, beliefs, religion, national origin, family circumstances, illness, disability, or sexual orientation.

  • No hate speech.

  • No bullying.

  • No non-inclusive behavior.

  • No discussions of risky behavior: suicide, depression, eating disorders, drug or alcohol use, violence, self-harm (cutting), etc.

  • Don’t pick fights.


3. You will not be a spammer or a con artist. This means you won’t post on the site any chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other message that is fraudulent or illegal.


4. You will not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others.


5. You will take responsibility for anything you put on the site. This means you will not upload or post material that is harmful, obscene, embarrassing, hateful, offensive, or invades someone else’s privacy.


6. You will not upload or post anything on the site without permission. This includes music, pictures, video, or any other material covered by a copyright or patent. In other words, no file sharing except for things you’ve created yourself.


7. You will not upload or post anything on the site that could harm some else’s computer or the Internet itself. No hacking, worms, viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and other types of files or programs that could a program or bring down servers. Absolutely no one would like that if it happened!


8. You will not use ManyMentors to buy and sell stuff. You cannot advertise or offer to sell any goods or services, except if ManyMentors says it’s okay.


9. You will respect the copyright and digital rights of others. This means, in addition to what we said about copyrights and patents above in item 6, you will not upload or post any content where the author’s or legal owner’s information has been changed or deleted.


10. You will not violate any relevant laws or regulations, or promote or encourage any illegal activity.


11. You will be yourself and only yourself. You will not pretend to be another User or create a false identity – such as a celebrity or a member of the ManyMentors team.


12. You will respect the privacy rights of other ManyMentors users. You won’t try to collect information about someone else on ManyMentors and then try to use it or give it or sell it to someone else.


13. You will not be a hacker. You will not sneak into ManyMentors to get information or material anyone else on the site, or for hacking, phishing, stealing passwords, and anything else where access is not authorized.


14. You will be honest about yourself and other ManyMentors users. You will not make false reports to administrators.