Keshia Ashe

Keshia Ashe is a University of Virginia and University of Connecticut alumna, with degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, respectively. Since the age of 11 she has been actively involved in several youth-serving groups and advisory boards, and has had many opportunities to travel nationally and internationally as a speaker and trainer. From these experiences, Keshia learned the value of youth engagement for positive community outcomes. She co-founded ManyMentors to address the lack of peer mentors within the STEM fields. Using social networking, ManyMentors aims to connect students from a wide variety of academic and ethic backgrounds with the hopes that these relationships will stimulate, sustain, and support students’ interest in, pursuit, and attainment of STEM degrees.


Keshia's role is to ensure that ManyMentors carries out it's mission of preparing our next generation of geneticists, computer scientists, chemical engineers, and statisticians so they have a positive impact on the world. Keshia works closely with all the team members to plan strategies, implement actions, and evaluate work for effectiveness, efficiency, and impact.

"A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and fosters a belief that it can be obtained."


- Shawn Hitchcock